Thursday, October 21, 2010

WCS CleanAir mini video tutorials

My pal @revolutionwifi (Andrew VonNagy) wrote up a great post about Cisco CleanAir and his real world experiences with it, so I thought I'd follow up with a couple of little videos of some demo gear I'd been working with for a couple of weeks.

In the first video, I go through the configuration steps outlined in the Cisco CleanAir Deployment Guide.  At first I didn't realize that when I set the Air Quality Alarm Threshold way down at 35 that i was effectively removing all the sources of interference that had been displayed on the WCS map. I figured out what was wrong, and when the interference sources were again displayed in WCS I picked back up where I left off.

Of course, there is more to CleanAir than what I put in this video given the 10 minute limitation - but I thought it covered most of the basics.

The second video shows putting a 3500 series AP into SE-Connect mode.  SE-Connect mode is where you use Cisco Spectrum Expert to connect to a remote AP and monitor the RF spectrum analysis information it is sensing from the Cisco Spectrum Expert application on your laptop/PC.  This ability to be where the interference is happening can save you a trip across town or possibly farther than that.  It allows you to get an immediate view into what is in the RF environment and not just hope that it is still happening when you get to the site so you can try to fix it then.

The third video is a side by side by side comparison of Cisco Spectrum ExpertAirMagnet Spectrum XT and Metageek's Wi-Spy dBx Chanalyzer 4 application.  I showed them one after another so you can get an idea of what the default settings for each application shows you. Here's a picture of the mess of adapters/tools.