Friday, August 6, 2021

Things I've Made That I Haven't Told You About Yet

I'm going to assume you're curious about the things I've made, otherwise, you wouldn't be reading this post!

Scrolling back through the photos on my phone, I'll make my list chronological.

Lenny 4 part spray paint stencil (4/19)
This photo is the foundation for the stencil
Lenny was a magical feline who was FLV+ and lived a brief life of adventures, sunsets and I commemorated his portrait in a multi-part spray paint stencil. I used Sara Sandoval's excellent how-to video on YouTube.

Kraftwerk Skydancer 5/19 - this has already been documented and discussed


Ecstatic Dance Sunshade (6/19)
My friend Laryssa was the organizer for the Tampa Bay Ecstatic Dance gatherings and she said "What if I had an Ecstatic Dance sunshade for my car? Then I could put fliers in my dash advertising the next dance date, price, and location - every place I parked." I thought this was a genius idea so I bought a cheap silver foil sunshade from the Dollar Tree, used an old white sheet, my Beam projector, and permanent fabric paint to recreate the Ecstatic Dance artwork Laryssa used on her event flyers.

Mighty Boosh Halloween costumes (6/19)
I got obsessed on Halloween early in 2019 and made David and I costumes so we could be Howard Moon and Old Gregg. We went to the Tokyo Motor Show instead. These costumes will be revisited at another Halloween...

Buster Keaton shirt (6/19)
Buster Keaton Shirt
David is a big fan of Buster Keaton, so I found a high res photo online, bumped up the contrast, and turned it into basically a stencil. I used the Beam projector to shine the picture on the shirt, traced it, and filled it in with permanent fabric paint in navy blue on a really nice vintage ringer tee we scored at the Salvation Army.

The Reverend Fred Lane BOLOPHONIC shirt (1/20)
Bolophonic Fred Lane Shirt
I made my BOLOPHONIC shirt to wear to the historic concert with Fred Lane and His Disheveled Monkeybiters at Saturn in Birmingham, AL. After the show, I made a hoodie for a guy I met at the concert who came up to me and was like "WHERE DID YOU GET THAT SHIRT?!"

Pandemic masks (so many masks!) (4/20)
I know how to sew and had a lot of fabric already on hand when masks weren't something you could find or buy. So I made masks. Lots and lots of masks.

Holliday Bakes lettering for A-frame sign (7/20)
My friend Chriss Holliday had a pop-up bake shop in Seminole Heights (she's now in Tallahassee). She'd gotten the metal and the stand for the sign and I put her signage on the stainless steel sheet metal with vinyl I already had. The Cricut makes so many things possible.

All Y'All Yoga tank tops (8/20)
all yall tanks
These were two designs I came up with for All Y'All Yoga tank tops. One is a mashup of the YES YES Y'ALL font for Toronto's long running queer party and the other is a mashup of a Baptiste yoga tank font and the All Y'All font.

Journey Into Power window clings (8/20)
These JIP figures have evolved over the years. Originally I purchased yoga stick figures online, added in the poses from JIP that weren't in the set I purchased. Then EB asked if I could make the figures into window clings. I could - but I took each of the JIP poses into Adobe Fresco and thickened and smoothed the lines of the stick figure so that the Cricut could cut each pose out cleanly.

Kraftwerk puppets - (8/20) documented here.

Disco ball trailer hitch cover (of course) (9/20)
disco ball hitch cover
I ordered a couple of bags of tiny mirror squares and used Mod Podge to glue them to a trailer ball hitch cover I'd purchased. Why have a boring trailer hitch cover if you don't have to?

Press Your Luck Leggings (9/20)
I always loved watching PYL when I was home sick from school or during summer break. I used the leggings pattern from Society 6 to make a pair of PYL leggings for me. I was surprised to find that the sizing for the XL leggings had changed A LOT since I made/ordered my Frogger leggings. I had to add an extra 4 inches to the rise because the torso of the leggings was way too dang short.

Rocky (from Buffalo '66) Shirt (still a work in progress) (12/20)
This is still a work in progress. The first attempt at making a vector from movie stills didn't cut well on the Cricut. The vector lines were too thin and didn't cut properly. I'll revisit this again because I love Rocky's character in this movie.

Soliloquy For Lileth shirt (10/20)
David ordered a Soliloquy for Lileth shirt off of AliExpress and we were both disappointed that it wasn't a gold foil graphic. It looked more like an army green sort of color so I made three SFL shirts and now David, Sosh and Erin are all proud owners of proper gold foil SFL shirts.

I got vaxxed at the dog track shirt (3/21)
Vaxxed at the dogtrack
I made this tank top to commemorate my vax status. The decommissioned Dog Track up the street from us was the site of the FEMA vaccination distribution site and I thought it was an odd and somewhat humorous location for a vaccination site.

WWT magnetic logos (makes any button up shirt a corporate edition!) (3/21)
WWT Magnetic Logos
I made myself a WWT magnetic logo to wear on my shirts when on video calls. I picked up a couple of nice button-up shirts from the Salvation Army. I used my Cricut to cut the silhouette of the WWT logo out of hotel keycards, scraped off the top layer of plastic to reveal the white of the card. Then cut vinyl in red and blue. I used a paperclip hot glued to the back of the logo to make the logo magnetic. This makes any dress shirt a fancy work shirt. I received a lot of compliments and questions about where I'd gotten my WWT shirt from other co-workers. I made some extra for friends at work.

Whiskey Barrel Hoop Drum (4/21)
whiskey barrel hoop drum

Braided ribbon barrettes (6/21)
I'd been missing seeing these cute braided barrettes in ladies' hair so I made myself a few. I volunteered to lead a barrette braiding class at the local community center and one lucky little girl went home with 6 brand spanking new fancy braided and beaded barrettes.

Brass shims for rain lamp oil reservoir base (6/21)
The plastic bottom of our rain lamp cracked in April of 2019 and we had a mineral oil disaster in the dining room. The bottom of the rain lamp containing 4 quarts of mineral oil gave way (peak plastic failure) and our dining room was suddenly covered in said quantities of mineral oil. I was unsure about how to fix the broken segments. My thought was to cut a ring out of some sort of metal and support the base of the lamp with a metal ring. I didn't want to spend the time to cut out a ring with a dremel, so I put the project on hold.  In September of 2020 I reached out to a local person with a 3D printer and he printed up a couple of different styles of support shims. One of them seemed like it would work, but he only printed one for me. I had a hard time getting ahold of him to get more printed so I got frustrated and used some brass strips I had to replicate the shape of the 3D printed shim. David helped me get the holes drilled in the right spots and now our rain lamp is back up and operational.

Conny Plank puppet (7/21)
Conny Plank
With the launch of the Kraftwerk Puppets, it was only natural to make a Conny Plank puppet. No band would be complete without their chief engineer and producer!

All Y'All Skydancer (7/21)
Charlotte is a big fan of sky dancers and we were talking after the All Y'All open house event in July about the possibility of making a sky dancer. I said YES and I already have a pattern. We discussed colors and styles of dress and three weeks later, the studio has its very own custom sky dancer for events!

Elvis Costello puppet (7/21)
Paul Weller puppet (7/21)
I was speaking with my friend Rocky about the Conny Plank puppet I made and he said "IF I had any artistic ability whatsoever there would be Elvis Costello and Paul Weller ones.  They could fight for my heart, like Karate Kid.  Also if I wasn’t lazy.  Also if it wasn’t your brilliant idea." I told him I CAN DO THIS. These are a work in progress and all photos are offline until Rocky shoots an unboxing video (once the puppets are done and in the mail).

The Reverend Fred Lane puppet (7/21)
Thinking over the other persons I know who are visually iconic, very funny and may enjoy having a puppet of themselves (!), I reached out to Jeannie to ask if her husband Tim would get a kick out of having his very own puppet. She said YES HE WOULD, so this is also a work in progress. Photos are being taken of the process, but they too are offline until the big reveal.

This does not include the chronology of Sticker Mule deals unless this assemblage of order thumbnails counts...