Tuesday, December 22, 2009

How to broadcast multiple SSIDs on a Cisco autonomous access point

Today I helped a customer implement a new SSID/VLAN on their network - and it was a trip back in time - as I've not laid eyes on a WLSE to configure autonomous access points in well over three years.

I didn't realize that by default an autonomous access point won't broadcast two ssids on a single dot11radio interface.  Thank goodness for the internet - I found the solution and here are the two links I used for the proper configuration of dual broadcasting ssids:



A basic config example for broadcasting more than one SSID on a Cisco autonomous AP:
(your AP must be running 12.3.8-JEC(GD) IOS firmware or newer to use these commands)

dot11 ssid TEST1
mbssid guest-mode

dot11 ssid TEST2
mbssid guest-mode

Then you have to enable mbssid globally on your radio-interface:

ssid TEST1
ssid TEST2

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  1. Jennifer,

    Can you plase let me know what IOS code you are running on AP1242AG? I am confused because Lab print says 12.3.8.JE(x) and in IOS Config guide found:
    Cisco IOS Release 12.4(10b)JA supports the following autonomous 32 Mb platforms: •1130 series access point •1240 series access point •1250 series access point •1300 outdoor access point/bridge
    Cisco IOS Release 12.3(8)JEC is a maintenance release and supports the following autonomous 16 Mb platforms: •1100 series access point •1200 series access point •1230 series access point