Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lost Heartbeat with supervisor..

The "Lost Heartbeat with supervisor" error message is received on the WiSM controller at regular intervals. Why is this error message received? How do I get rid of this message?

There are several possible reasons that this error message is generated. From the WiSM's perspective, the most common reason is an incorrect configuration of the service port on the Supervisor Engine.

In the case of a WiSM, the service port is used solely for communication between the Supervisor 720 and the WiSM.

Complete these steps in order to get rid of this error message:

1. Create a new VLAN for the WiSM service ports on the Supervisor Engine that does not exist anywhere on the network.
2. Create a DHCP scope setup on your Supervisor 720 to assign IP addresses to the service ports of the controllers.

Note: It is recommended that you create a DHCP scope for the service port of the Catalyst WiSM. Alternatively, you can also session (session slot X process 1 or 2 ) or console directly into the WiSM and set the static IP addresses with the configure interface address service-port command.
3. Assign the WiSM service ports to this newly created VLAN with the command wism service-vlan new VLAN ID on the Supervisor Engine.

This VLAN is used for the Supervisor Engine to communicate with the service port of the WiSM. Refer to Configure Communication Between the Supervisor 720 and Cisco WiSM for more information on how to configure the procedure mentioned here.

Cisco bug ID CSCsg59144 ( registered customers only) is also associated with this error message.

Other possible reasons might be with the backplane connection of the module to the chassis This can be verified by first moving the WiSM to another slot and see if it continues. Sometimes, this might be an issue with the module itself. But these are rare circumstances.


Configure Communication Between the Supervisor 720 and Cisco WiSM

After the Cisco WiSM controller is installed in a slot and detected by the Supervisor, these configurations are made on the Supervisor Engine to communicate with WiSM.

1. Create a DHCP scope for the Service-Port of the Catalyst WiSM.

 ip dhcp excluded-address
 ip dhcp pool wism-service-port

Alternatively, you can also session (session slot X proc 1 or 2 ) or console directly into WiSM and set static IP addresses (config Interface Address Service-Port).

Make sure that the service port IP address is not a routable IP address in your network because it is only used for communication between the Sup 720 and the WiSM.

Note: VLSM is supported on all ports, which includes the Service port.

2. Create the WiSM Service Port Gateway and assign the IP address.
Create a VLAN in the Supervisor 720. This VLAN is local to the chassis and is used for communication between Cisco WiSM and Catalyst Supervisor 720 over a Gigabit Interface on the Supervisor and a service port in the Cisco WiSM.

    interface Vlan192
    Description WiSM Service Port Gateway
    ip address

Note: There should already be a network management VLAN interface to reach the Cat6k.

3. Assign the WiSM Service Ports to a VLAN.
 Configure this command to use VLAN 192 to communicate with the service-port.

    wism service-vlan 192

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