Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What's in *my* backpack?

Inspired by Keith's post "What's In Your Backpack" I thought it would be fun to done one of my own!

Obviously I'm not nearly as organized as Keith, but there is a method to the madness, I swear!
I've had this backpack for five years, and considering all the wear and tear it has been through, it has held up pretty well. I've had it so long, I can't find a photo of it online..   It's an older model of a Wenger Swiss Army backpack.
Clockwise starting with the Edwin pencil case
Just about one of every color of pen/sharpie
yes I know I have a problem with the number of pens I carry..
1 White Out tape
1 Glue Stick
2 Composition Books
    one for CCIE Wireless notes

    one for work/project info
1 Business Card Case
 - many, many stickers! (for postcards)
2 leftover Hampton room keys (these are from Kansas)
 - several Index cards (blank & with notes)
 - several Hand Sanitizer packs
 - several alcohol swab packs
1 Southwest Drink Coupon
3 Nail Files
1 Hand Lotion
 - various Tums/Pepto/Tylenol
1 small can Static Guard
1 box of matches
2 Day-Quil tablets
1 brightly colored envelope for reimbursement receipts
1 airline regulation corkscrew (courtesy of the Chateau Frontenac, Quebec City)
1 Seagate FreeAgent 320GB external HD
1 Lenovo X60 tablet latpop
2 legal pads for miscellaneous notes
 - various print outs of current project details (I like paper)
1 Employee badge
3 ziploc bags

      separated into:
         - phone related cabling
         - audio/visual cabling
         - survey cards/spectrum analyzer cards1 power supply for laptop
1 USB mouse (tried a wireless one, hated it)
1 Lomo LC-A camera
1 Cisco console cable
1 VPN RSA Key fob/office door key
-  more business cards

These items are kept in the burgundy zippered bag

2 band-aids
6 various USB key fobs
2 binder clips
misc SD media
1 patch cable connector
1 cross-over cable connector
1 fuse for the Terra-Wave site survey battery pack
1 Mardi Gras coin from my pal Brooke :)

Other things that come and go from my pack pack:
ziploc bag with Garmin Nuvi/Garmin Cabling/Blackberry car charger
extended battery for the X60 tablet
Cisco WLC console cable
ziploc bag with travel sized toiletries
eyeglass case (if staying overnight)

If I'm traveling for a business meeting, I'll carry my black Furla purse.  If I'm traveling to *work* I'll carry my Dickie's bag.
I keep all these other things in my bag:
FujiFilm FinePix z5 (in brown)
Cisco Flip (wish it *wasn't* pink, but it was a gift, so I can't complain!)
my wallet and a bunch of other junk.. (I'm a pack-rat)
..stamps!  I always carry stamps!


  1. too funny!! Had to say something.. What is the card with the dinosaur on it??

  2. those are dinosaur stickers! I always travel with stickers & stamps & I always send postcards while I'm on the road :)