Thursday, December 16, 2010

One of these days I'm gonna get organiz-ized!

I've been carrying my cables around in Ziploc® bags for far too long.  Now I am officially organiz-ized (at least when it comes to my cables).

I found some great, heavy-duty fabric (Made in USA) and commissioned my favorite Etsy seamstress Zigzagstitches to whip up some zippered cases for all the stuff I carry in my backpack.  I thought I'd share pictures of her handiwork in case anyone else needs help with organization. She's a whiz with a sewing machine!

(The first bag I had commissioned was the cool black & white circuit board bag.  I found the fabric online & shipped it to Zigzagstitches so she could make me a bag out of it.)

Each bag is lined in a heavy-duty canvas and will stand up to being kicked around inside my backpack much longer than a flimsy Ziploc®.

I also had some small zippered pencil case style bags made to hold all the little cables for my camera, itouch and Blackberry as well as one for my wireless tools/USB sticks.

Goodbye you ratty old Ziploc® bags, I can't say I'll miss you.  I'm glad to finally be able to pull out my kit of site survey tools and not have it crinkle and crackle like a brown bag lunch.

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