Monday, January 10, 2011

test aaa group

Maybe everyone else knows about this command - I'd forgotten about it and had to dig it out of an email thread this morning.  I'm running through testing a bridge link setup where the root AP is the radius server for authenticating the non-root AP.

This command test aaa group allows you to do a sanity check on your root AP configuration so you don't spend all day troubleshooting the non-root AP configuration if that isn't the problem.

ROOT#test aaa group rad_eap admin admin new
Trying to authenticate with Servergroup rad_eap
User successfully authenticated

Now at least I know my problem *is* with my non-root AP configuration.

You'll also want to turn on 'debug radius' on the root AP so you can see all the RADIUS messages pertaining to the bridge link authentication attempts.

Keep in mind - 99.9% of the information I put on this site is for me so I can find it easier later! :-) 

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