Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day One - Wireless Tech Field Day (work in progress)

The morning started off with a great Chanalyzer Pro demonstration by the great people at MetaGeek. Ryan Woodings & Trent Cutler were awesome at explaining the ins and outs of all aspects of the MetaGeek company origins and how to customize the Chanalyzer Pro application.  I had previous experience using the ChanalyzerPro application since Ryan was kind enough to send me a Wi-Spy dBx and I tested it out and compared it against AirMagnet's Spectrum XT and Cisco's Spectrum Expert tool.

I was not aware that there were home sound systems that could be installed in light fixtures, and hadn't thought of using a Wi-Spy to identify an absconding shooter by find security cameras in the vicinity of a convenience store crime scene.

There have been a lot of advances to the Chanalyzer application since my demo license expired, but we were all gifted a cool lunchbox with all the MetaGeek tools inside, so I'll be back to using their ChanalyzerPro application asap!

Cisco started off with David Stiff presenting the Cisco CleanAir solution.  I've heard this presentation many times, and I've presented it several times as well. Based on some of the questions that were asked by other delegates - they were not as familiar with the CleanAir/WCS/Client Troubleshooting tool as I was.  I was glad that the information wasn't a repeat for everyone present.

Funny facts - the Cisco WNBU development team has code names for internal & external antennas: internal antennas are named after soaps, and external antennas trees. The AP I spotted with the code word written on it was called Larch.  Naturally I thought of the Monty Python Sketch 'How to Recognize Different Types of Trees From Quite a Long Way Away'

I'll be adding to this post with information about the MobileAccessVE Multi-Tier architecture and whatever great information Jameson Blandford (Cisco YouTube Star) will divulge to the Tech Field Day delegates.

...stay tuned

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