Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Public Speaking - Embrace the Fear

I don't get the opportunity to speak in public very often, but when I do have an opportunity come my way, I try to embrace the natural fear of public speaking and make a video recording of my presentation. There have been a couple of times where I've presented and I was so nervous, I forgot to hit the record button!

Making a video of the session allows me to see what I'm doing right or wrong, since while I'm speaking I'm concentrating more on covering the ins and outs of the topic instead of paying attention to how I'm standing, or am I speaking clearly.

When I present on a topic I'm knowledgeable about, I never script exactly what I'm going to say. I've seen the official presentation of the Cisco CleanAir information enough times to be able to put it into my own words. I find it is easier to speak to what I know, and in doing that the presentation seems much easier since I'm not trying to remember exactly what I'm supposed to be saying according to the script.

I'm not a member of The Rotary Club, and I've never taken any public speaking classes (I'm sure it shows!). I can say the more times I get to practice at speaking in front of a group of people, the less nervous I am.

I recommend video recording yourself the next time you're presenting to a group, it breaks the ice with the audience and it can help you become a better speaker when you see yourself from the audience's perspective afterwards.

First recording: 5/22/2011

Second recording: 10/20/2011

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