Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Vintage Terrwave Battery With A Bad Fuse

If you find yourself surveying with a very old version of this Terrawave battery pack and it is suddenly not charging, or only works when it is connected to the wall charger, the fuse in it may have gone bad.

Remove the main unit cover, and you will see a plastic housing with a glass fuse in it.  The glass fuse was broken, so I replaced it with a fuse I purchased from RadioShack (4/$2.00).  After replacing the fuse, the battery took a charge, and worked properly after obtaining a full charge overnight.

The symptoms I had were that the battery did not take a charge from the wall wart, and the wall wart did not show that there was a load on it.  The light stayed green - indicating the battery pack was not charging.

The battery pack would not power on an attached access point unless the battery pack was connected to wall power.


  1. Hi Jennifer,

    I changed the fuse but it did not solve the problem. I had the battery checked and had to replace it. Now my TerraWave unit works fine. TerraWave uses a standard 12V battery that can be found in any electronics store. I got mine for $25.


    -steve w.

  2. Too funny that I'm seeing this. I'm trying to use my old battery that I had and I'm finding similar problems to Steve.

    Going to replace the main battery and fuse to see what happens.

  3. The replacement battery (Batteries+) fixed the issue. Anyone else looking at the insides and thinking "I could make one of these easily."?

  4. Yep! Now I wish I'd kept the metal housing to the 'dead' ones from way back when.

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