Monday, January 27, 2014

Prepping for Wireless Field Day 6

Wireless Field Day 6 is quickly approaching! The sponsors of this week's are a varied bunch. Some new, some returning for another WFD event. It's guaranteed to be information packed and technologically mind melting!

I'll be reunited with returning delegates Blake Krone, George Stefanick, Keith Parsons, Lee Badman, Jake Snyder, Sam Clements and Scott Stapleton and exposing the new delegates to the typical WFD hazing (joking!!). The new delegates are: Germán Capdehourat, Evert Bopp and Richard McIntosh.

As it stands today, I'm most curious about the Disaster Tech Labs and Plan Ceibal presentations, but that's because each of these organizations provides an invaluable resource to disaster survivors/responders (Disaster Tech) and helps the future of Uruguay through the country's youth (Plan Ceibal). 

I did my homework on Plan Ceibal (the one laptop per child project started in Uruguay in 2007) and found a heartwarming story of technology helping to enrich the lives of all Uruguay's state run school children.

I've known Evert (Disaster Tech Labs) through twitter for some time, and I know he's been involved in bringing wireless communications networks to a great many places where natural disasters have occurred.

Aside from that, I'm looking forward to hearing what's new at AirTight, Aruba and Xirrus as well as learning more about Cloudpath and Extreme Networks.

I'll be blogging, photographing and tweeting the event, so tune in to for the live video feeds and watch the #WFD6 hashtag on twitter for the full conversation.

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