Thursday, June 26, 2014

Excited to hear Avaya present at Wireless Field Day 7!

There's a great lineup of presenters at the upcoming Wireless Field Day 7! Mark your calendars for August 6th - 8th. As always, the presentations will be streamed and recorded so you won't miss anything even if you have to miss it during the first airing.

You can tap into the live stream at once we're on the air.

I'm excited to hear about what is going on at Avaya around their wireless offering. A little birdie recently told me about how many ex-Cisco/ex-Juniper employees are now a part of the Mobility team over at Avaya. If people who have been in the Wi-Fi business for over a decade (or more!) are moving over to Avaya's Mobility team, you know something terribly exciting is going on.

The full list of sponsors has filled out quite nicely:

Cisco Mobility
Extreme Networks
Fluke Networks

I'm glad to be invited once again, and I'm looking forward to meeting the one new WFD delegate who I haven't already met! I'm talking about you, Glenn Cate!  
It'll also be nice to spend some time catching up with all the familiar faces who've been invited back.

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  1. Hi Jennifer! Looking forward to meeting you as well! WFD#7 sounds like an incredible event and I cannot wait for it to start!