Saturday, October 10, 2009

My trouble spots

From the CCIE Wireless Lab Exam Blueprint v1.0 (login required)

I already know my trouble spots are these:
Implement network infrastructure to support WLANs
  • Implement QoS to support voice services over the switching infrastructure

Implment Autonomous Infrastructure
  • Configure WDS
  • Implement association filters
  • Implement multicast settings
  • Implement QoS

Implement Unified Infrastructure
  • Implement multicast settings
Implement Unified Controllers and APs
  • Implement security - WPS settings
  • Implement security MFP/AP authentication
  • Implement wired and wireless Guest access
  • Implement L2 security policies (802.11i, static dynamic WEP, mac filtering etc..)
  • Implement AAA (WLC to Radius/LDAP
Implement Unified WCS and Location
  • Create and deploy template groups
  • Implement loation server
  • Tune location services given needs (tag tracking, notifications, timers)
Implement Voice over Wireless
  • Implement support for 7920/7921 deployments for both Unified and Autonomous
  • Implement QoS settings (voice/video/EDCA)
  • Audit voice deployment

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