Saturday, October 10, 2009

Wired Guest Access Using WLCs

Two seperate solutions - VLAN translation and Auto Anchor mode

Single Controller/VLAN translation mode
Access switch trunks wired guest traffic in the guest VLAN to the WLC providing the guest access solution.  This WLC carries out the VLAN translation form the ingress wired guest VLAN to the egress VLAN

Two WLCs/Auto Anchor Mode
The access switch trunks wired guest traffic to a local WLC nearest the access switch.  This local WLC anchors the client onto a DMZ anchor WLC configured for wired and wireless guest access.

5 guest LANs for wired guest access are supported
  security: open, web-auth, web pass through

If the EoIP tunnel between the remote and anchor WLC fails, the client database is cleaned up from the anchor WLC.  The client needs to re-associate and reauthenticate.

  • Multicast and broadcast traffic on wired guest LANs is dropped.

  • No L2 security is supported
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