Saturday, October 10, 2009

QoS on WLANs

L2 - 802.1p

It is not possible to tag packets with DSCP between the WLC and AP if no DSCP or 802.1p is in the original packet (outer header).

There is no support for CoS markings on WLANS in L2 LWAPP mode.

Traffic Classification Chart: LINK

You cannot use WMM mode on the SSID if 7920 phones are in use
You cannot use WMM mode & Client Controlled CAC on the same WLAN

When AP controlled CAC is used, the AP sends out  Cisco proprietary CAC information element and it does not send the standard QBSS IE

APs must be on trunk ports to join a WLC if the WLC is in L2 mode and WMM is enabled.

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