Monday, November 30, 2009

7921G Deployment Guide

If using 7921G world mode phone, you must enable 802.11d
    world-mode dot11d country US both

If the AP does not support CCX or proxy ARP is not enabled, then the idle battery life will be up to 50% less.  Set the DTIM period to 2 and beacon period to 100

TSpec has precedence over QBSS
TCLAS is supported in WLC release

Multicast packets are set at the highest basic data rate enabled.  Capacity and throughput are reduced when lower rates are enabled.

Cisco APs can support up to 27 bi-directional RTP streams for 802.11a and 802.11g at a data rate of 24Mb+.  To achieve this, you must use U-APSD, and have minimal WLAN background traffic & RF utilization.  At 6 MBps, a Cisco AP can support up to 13 bi-directional RTP streams.

Do not use the default setting of Max Power for client power, as this setting will not advertise DTPC to the client

5Ghz channels overlap their adjacent channel, so there should be at least one channel of separation for adjacent Access Points.

If planning to use UNII-2 extended channels (100-140), it is recommended to disable UNII-2 channels 52-64 on the AP.  Having many 5GHz channels enabled on the WLAN can delay discovery of new APs.

If using 802.11b in a high multipath environment, lower data rates should be used in those areas (1&2MBps)

To see all APs in the neighbor list menu, place a call to a wired IP phone, where scanning occurs constantly while the phone call is active in auto scan mode.

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