Monday, November 30, 2009

792X and Client Roaming

Client roaming – values are communicated to CCX compliant clients.  may be a little low for a VoWLAN deployment, as VoWLAN cell sizes are usually smaller.

Voice call admission control – default value for Max Bandwidh = 75%

For best performance, the most accurate assessment of call capacity; Load Based AC should be enabled.
    Max RF Reservation should not be greater than 60% - set at 40-60%

Troubleshooting – WCS is best place to start

DHCP option 150 = TFTP server for phone firmware

To reset the phone to factory defaults = **2
To unlock the phone configuration = **#

7921s do not support WPA2 with TKIP
7921s support WPA2 with AES, but CCKM is not supported

ACS must be configured to explicitly support EAP-FAST authentication.  7921g supports only the automatic provisioning of the PAC, so Anonymous In-Band PAC Provisioning must be enabled.

If a 7921 phone has both radios enabled:
-    if default AUTO-RSSI is enabled, the phone will associate to the strongest RSSI on bootup
-    if auto b/g or auto a is enabled, the phone will connect to auto setting and will fall back to non specified frequencies if the specified frequency is unavailable.  If the phone has associated to an AP on a particular band, it will only scan for & roam to APs on the same frequency band.

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