Monday, November 30, 2009

WLC config checklist

Set QoS to platinum
enable WMM to enable QoS & ability to use U-APSD
disable DHCP address assignment requested
ensure Aggressive Load Balancing is disabled

Settings>Status>Site Survey (from phone menu)
When not in a call the phone only scans other non associated channels once the current signal strength reaches a certain threshold.  To see all APs, place a call to a wired IP phone

Coverage statistics can be viewed by telnetting to the 7921 phone

DHCP server cannot be run on the Vocera server
-    devices may get duplicate IP addresses
-    devices may not get IP addresses
-    devices may get invalid, unusable information
-    no DHCP option 150 is needed

Badge broadcast is sent by the badge at DSCP EF, when the multicast comes back to the group from the WLC, it is marked as “best effort”

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