Thursday, September 16, 2010

CradlePoint 3G/4G product offerings

CradlePoint has teamed with Clearwire to develop the rover 4G prepaid hotspot device (puck shaped) to work over Clearwire's 4G WiMAX network.  CradlePoint devices have the ability to do a firmware upgrade to take advantage of the 4G network speeds.

Their CBA 750 (cellular bridging adapter) has 2.4ghz built in N radio along side the 2.5ghz WiMAX radio - it is a plug and play device that can provide a failover option for small businesses with unreliable DSL or Cable internet connections. The RF in the CradlePoint devices are typically 30 dBm 'quieter' than FCC rules require.

WiPipe -> built on a NetBSD product platform, with support for 150+ modems & cellular networks.  There may be future plans to build a function to allow the cellular network connection allow you an OOB connection to the networking devices' console port.

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