Saturday, September 11, 2010

Gestalt IT's Net Field Day - 4 days & counting

So the trip to SJC for the Gestalt IT's Net Field Day is really happening next week.  I've read through the final list of companies that will be presenting - and I can tell by the list that I'll be learning a lot.  I haven't been surrounded by data center/route/switch/security people since I worked at UO.  That was a long time ago..  Working at CTI doesn't really count since I didn't have the time to learn much from my other super-smart co-workers.  I spent all my time learning from and working with the great mobility practice people.

I'll be taking lots of notes on everything and posting them right here.

I'm bringing the flip, my Polaroid Spectra, and a lot of film. I'm pretty confident there hasn't been an analogue element to any of the prior #TechFieldDay events, and I'm happy to put an old twist on new events.

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