Thursday, September 23, 2010

Would you be interested in a Wireless Tech Field Day?

The question has been asked: Is there enough demand to support a Wireless Tech Field Day?

I know I can count at least 15 ~ 19 wireless people on Twitter that might like to participate as  delegates, and at least 27 or so companies that could participate as event sponsors..

So, I'm throwing this survey out there to find out what companies you'd be interested in meeting with and to see how many interested parties actually fill out the survey!  Once we can identify the demand, it may make it easier to find event sponsors.


  1. I would be quite interested. I used to work for a wireless ISP in Australia that deployed several different technologies to provide wireless coverage across the country.

    Im now working as the CTO of a consulting company that looks after service providers. We also designed our own hotspot system that our customers use.

    I would like to see the Cisco, Motorola, Xirrus and Meru in particular. (preferably with some kind of panel discussion with all of them).


  2. I too would love to see a panel discussion with Cisco, Motorola, Xirrus and Meru - but I doubt there's much hope for that. The most we could do is ask all of them the same difficult questions.