Thursday, September 16, 2010

HP working with Shell to sense the Earth's vital signs

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Not sure how I missed this news article about HP working with Shell to develop a million node wireless network to scan the earth to ensure that Shell's oil drilling is more successful. There is another article describing the Cense project (Central Nervous System for the Earth).  The future of tracking devices that can also operate as sensors (light/movement/pressure/temperature) that are also the size of a shirt pin is pretty amazing.  To think of all of the ways that tiny devices like these will be able to collect information, and possibly communicate information back into the equipment they're attached to will be pretty cool.  A

HP has partnered with AeroScout, AirTight and ekahau to provide location tracking and wireless security - may be carrying these products on their price list in future.  The goal is to provide solutions instead of just hardware.

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Speaker - Jay Mellman Sr. Director WW Marketing

HP Networking future

The goal is to wire once, virtualize the connectivity & put management in place to mimic normal connectivity "feel" to server/network support.
.."Networking is a critical pillar to make a converged infrastructure combining storage, servers, power & cooling as well as management software."

Due to LAN challenges, date center changes, IT requirements and security issues - converged networks allow the ability to identify and diagnose issues that affect any aspect of the infrastructure.  Application layer vulnerabilities (ex. PDF security issues) lead into the need for converged networking in order to see into all levels of the network.

The history of networking started with simply connect devices, then the direction moved to consolidate single nodes and extend resources to end users.  The future will demand service delivery.  HP is leading a standards-based open approach to service delivery.

Simpler and Secure Infrastructure
Sys Admins
was physical build out of server hardware/loading OS
now creating a server is right click, clone..

Net Admin
is/was manual record keeping of IP addresses/vlans/passwords

Agile Service Delivery
HP's goal is to decrease the time to service for network adds/changes.
Proven Business value
Customers benefit when they have more choices.


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